Our club was founded with an idea on Christmas Eve, 1991. Pooh Bear is the only member still on our roster since that day. Members came and went. We worked protocol until Sober Riders Motorcycle Association was established on December 10th, 1994.

Pooh Bear, Tiny, and Hunny are the only members still on the roles today that were there when we first got accepted into the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs.

On May 5th 2001 we became a MC. We have been joined by many of the finest people who have found recovery from the seat of a motorcycle. Today we are one of the largest clubs of our type in the world.

This fellowship remains strong for it does not rely on friendship to bind its members to one another. Although many such relationships have flourished among us, it is our mutual commitment to the Patch that enables us to travel a thousand miles, meet someone we had never met, and be able to call them brother.